Why Camilllo?

Glad you asked! Camilllo is a camera. A illustrator. A business partner. A teacher. A coach. A artist. Whether you need a website, playing cards, taking photos, illustration or a social media idea, you can do it all with just a inquiry. No wonder that so many clients decide to pick up Camilllo.


Every work I’ve made - and I mean every single one - was built on the same belief. That a work by Camilllo should be more than a nice „thing“. That, above all, a work by Camilllo should be absolutely simple, beautiful, and magical.


If you ever have any questions about Camilllo - because we all have questions sometimes - you now know exactly how you find me on the internet. Or call me on the phone. Or chat me up right here, where you actually already are right now, my website. So I’m also pretty good at answering anything. From „Where’s your next exhibition?“ to „What exactly did you mean when you said ‚social-media‘?“

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Kurt-Tucholsky-Straße 17
06110 Halle Saale

+49 160 975 13544

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